Customer Service


Our dedication to customer service is a commitment Midstate Signs strives for on a daily basis. As a sign company in Jefferson City, we understand the value of not just purchasing a sign for your business, but having it installed properly, cleaned and repainted regularly, re-lamped, repaired and re-wired as needed. All of our business signs come with a complete one-year warranty for all the work, materials and services your sign may need. We understand that as a sign company, maintenance is often as important as the first installation of your sign, so we strive to complete repairs and maintenance regularly, and in a timely fashion for vinyl signs, digital signs, or any of the signs we manufacture. First impressions are everything, so let our sign company help you make the right first impression every time. Place an order for local service by calling at (800) 839-2142 or email our Jefferson City sign company by clicking here. Midstate Signs offers services in sales, manufacturing, design, and installation of vinyl signs, digital signs and more. Top-notch customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Contact us today!